edit: the title Devil is more than 80% confirmed.

gotta thank Jay for stalking with me 🙂

Alright, my comments now. I had to push this out asap. So…this is definitely one of the teasers that is getting me pumped out. The music, the looks, the dance: all very futuristic in a way yet sexy. The head wraps, although a little ridiculous, I like it. Makes the girls mysterious. I’m digging the black and the full white body suits. Wouldn’t have minded a little bit of vocals but SM sure knows how to mess with the fans..sigh. 17th for the full song.

Edit: Just noticed the “Kim Yuna” gun pose at the end. Wow, maybe all these performances where they did this pose wasn’t just towards the Olympics 😛

Edit (Soofany): Btw! I heard from my friend read on allkpop that the new song title is rumored to be  “Run”! Not sure if it’s true though!

What’s these comments about emphasis on which girls XD in this teaser? I think the ones you think are getting more emphasis are the girls you subconciously feel stand out to you!

I watched the teaser like 10 times and I’ve stared at the photo for 2 full mins (I know I’m creepy <.<)WHY MUST THIS COMEBACK BE SO MYSTEROUS!??!? I’m dying. Each girl is sooooo hot, in the photo I have to admit fany strutting out stood out to me :P. And when I looked back a second time, I notice it was VERY BRAVE of Yuri to wear a tight and shiny leather top… but then again she does have the body to carry it out. Love the tops on yoona/seobaby/soo. I can’t wait to hear the song later today!