Beginning of the Gee era of course! Was looking around soshified and came across these unreleased Gee pictures. And since we all loved the whole white t-shirt and jeans concept, here’s some eye candy for you to enjoy 😀 And then there’s also a random picture of Seo, Soo, Tiff, and Hyo for a photoshoot.

credit:Tetsuya@Mysone,SONEms re-upload:Togino@soshified, bossa747 on twitter

Definitely curious about the new photoshoot the girls did, wonder what its for. As for the Gee pictures, well it’s probably my favorite outfit/photoshoot for the girls of all time. Sorry Kanye, Imma let you get back to your speech but these girls have the best outfits of all time. 😀

As for Black Soshi, fans have been asking the girls on UFO but they are definitely not dropping hints. A fan asked Hyo too and she just told us to wait a lil longer 😦 Anticipation is killing me. I lied! Tiffany dropped a hint for us according to siliy7noy:

“You’re no fun, no manners”