March 9th- the wonderful leader of SNSD was born. 21! (22 in Korea) Happy birthday! Words can’t really describe the appreciate I have as a fan for you. From dealing with the stress that comes with being a leader to just dealing with the issues that come with being an entertainer, you’ve handled it pretty well. We know you don’t like to cry or show signs of weakness in front of fans but just know, no judging here 😀 We support you Lil Kid LEDAAAA all da way! But in all seriousness, your journey won’t ever be alone. Plus you got the other 8 lil girls tagging alongside you, not behind you. Alongside you.

Speaking of the members, it made me happy to read the fan account when Yoona said you’re starting to open up to the members now and talk about your feelings 🙂 Don’t bottle it all up. I hope you have a wonderful birthday with many more amazing ones to come. We love you shorty ❤

So fans:

Apart from wishing her a happy birthday, leave a lil comment on why you love her. Is it the dorkiness? The engrish? The singing? Or all of it?

It’s the little things that make her so lovable. Goodluck on the rest of your endeavors Taengoo!