It’s Sunday, for those that have work (unfortunately) or have school tomorrow and want to do some major procrastination, good number of videos here for you guys to watch. From fan cams from the concert to performances to a short ChinChin cut of Tae, they’ll probably give you a good 15 minute break. 😀

credits to MyHappyVirus and prot0210.

Though they’re looking like Little Red Riding Hood..this is probably one of my top faves from the Oh! album. Gotta love the ballads since it’s the girls’ chances to prove their vocals. Now if only that damn concert dvd would just be released soon.

LOL. Fan boys…well maybe i should say samchon fans. But I’m loving these two clips, gives us a nice peek into the concert and not through someone’s cell phone or camera. 🙂

Please don’t faint fans. If you die from a heart attack, we are so not responsible. Watch at your own risk.

LOL and then you  make the transition to this cute clip. Dj Taeng, oh how I wish i had your skin.