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Guess who said that @ Mubank Encore Perf today?

Yes, I said ENCORE performance. SNSD earned their 5th MuBank Win, narrowly beating out 2Am (10,518) and Kara (13,559)!! Congrats!! As you all know, there has only been two instances where a group got 5wins in A ROW, one  is jewellery, and the other is none other than our girls, SNSD with 9 wins! So regardless they win or not next week, regardless of those mnet issues, regardless of anti’s.. I’m sooo proud of our girls!!! Triple crown and 5 Kbank wins in a row = amazing already. (But ofcourse, I’m secretly hoping for more wins because our girls truly deserve it!)

Sadly, today Yuri couldn’t make it as she is diagnosed with swine flu… but as you can see our girls gave some shout out to our dear YuRi Ah~ (though I wish Sunny hadn’t yell during someone else’s solo).

Winning Clip:

Loved Nicole’s happy smile for our girls! Anyone noticed Fany hugging… not only her members but… Brian? I seriously hope people won’t make a big deal out of all this… heard of FRIENDS? Sica and Seohyun gave out the speech today, surprisingly… I understood most of it!!! So proud!

And here’s their performance clip:

VideoCredits: unknowncarrot100 @youtube