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Hooray for subs! Everytime the girls comeback from the break, the first radio they usually appear on is Taeyeon’s Chin Chin radio and on that radio, you get to learn so much more about the girls. Well luckily, someone have subbed these videos for everyone to enjoy ! I haven’t watch it yet, but I’m still excited that the girls are on Chin Chin again =]

oh and just to clear things up, the subber subs the video by getting chinese translation and then changing it to english. So basically it have been translated from Korean to Chinese and then Chinese to English.  So if there are some part that aren’t subbed or the sub isn’t in tip top shape, then it’s probably because the chinese word doesn’t make sense or something

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Part 6:

Credit: SweetTaeng@youtube.com


Okay! So in my opinion, this was okay.  Their past Chin Chin radios segments were better, probably because this time, not all 9 girls are present.  Some interesting things that happen was that we get to learn the real reason why Tiffany is #0.  Poor Taengo is sick, but she still did a great job singing.  Also, we found out the truth behind the “Cucumber Bouquet” that the girls gave Jessica for her Legally Blonde Musical.  Well I hope everyone else had a good time watching the radio =]