On the recent episode of Win Win (the new show Tae hosts with Wooyoung), 2pm members Junsu and Junho confessed certain girls from SNSD make their heart pound fast.

There’s a corner on the show called “Speedy Question” where the 2pm beasts are asked which girl group they prefer, Wonder Girls or SNSD. Without missing a beat, Junsu and Junho both chose SNSD. Junho admits that a certain member made his heart flutter after watching a show.

The other four boys chose Wonder Girls…though I bet Taec is lying because he’s admitted countless number of times how much he loves certain snsd members 😉

Just some more 9pm lovin’ for you fans out there 😀

Also, I read the article about Hwanhee (ex Fly to the Sky member) and how he mentioned a certain SME memeber from either F(X) or SNSD always sends him bible verses in text format. Goo Hara also said she received the same texts. No one knows who it is but there’s a good chance it’s Tiff 🙂