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[WARNING! take this as a RUMOR as it’s not confirmed yet]

It’s rumored that our innocent maknae of SNSD, Seohyun, is casted on MBC We Got Married and her make-believe husband will be none other than rookie band CN Blue‘s leader, Jung Younghwa (yes, the gorgeous Shinwoo in drama ‘You’re Beautiful’). The rumor began from a CN Blue’s fan, and it’s now spreading quickly even though there’s no confirmation or whatsoever. I don’t know how legit the rumor is… I mean, last year there was a rumor that the new WGM couple will be CSJH’s Dana and Super Junior’s Leeteuk, and it was once rumored Big Bang’s G-Dragon and our Don Jessica to be a couple on the show. But the rumors proven to be wrong.

OMG. If this is turned out to be true, Seobaby will be the third SNSD member to get ~married~ (the first being Yoona in her drama, YAMD, and the second being Taeyeon, also in WGM).

But that’s not what bothered me the most. I love Jung Younghwa and all… but sorry, Seobaby doesn’t like boys — and  the rest of male population in this matter! She’s grossed out! On KBS Sweet Night, Taengoo said that Seobaby would rather pick her new love of her life, sweet potatoes, rather than hottie Song Seunghun. Seohyun, of course, agreed to the leader’s statement. Sigh. I can’t picture Seobaby with any man, except for Sergeant Keroro (it’s a he, right?) and Johnny Depp (or rather, Captain Jack Sparrow).

Could this rumor be true? Could it be Hyoyeon’s impersonations of Jung Younghwa are some sort of hints for this?

*LOL at Hyo!*

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