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This is the day we’ve been waiting for… SNSD performed Star Star Star (Byul Byul Byul) and Oh! on MBC Music Core. The nine girls sang the highly-anticipated Star Star Star (full song!) and as expected, the song showcased their vocals very well. SNSD also wear a new set of cheerleader outfits for this performance in Music Core.

Star Star Star (Byul Byul Byul)


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OMG OMG OMG I’m still spazzing real bad right now… I can’t even make a proper comment yet, okay.

YulTi’s MC cut

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I’m not a fan of the pink football-jersey shirt but I love the ponytails~ As for the performance, well, the girls look so worn out — but yeah, at least it’s much better than yesterday MuBank performance.  Is it just me or Jessica was kinda struggling on her parts? The fans were so loud (good job on cheering our girls, K-Sones!) and it seems like Sooyoung has a dedicated screaming-fangirl which can be heard on Syoung’s part on every Oh! live performances XD

Byul Byul Byul (☆★☆)
First of all, I love the set! The rooftop set matched well with the song lol… and the maknaes sitting on the other side was just cute. So my guess on the singing parts is accurate, however before the actual perf I wished that I was wrong because the lack of Yoona is just ;___;  (couldn’t they just give her a line? correct me if I’m wrong, but I think this is the first time they singled-out one member in a song. I just don’t want her to be stereotyped merely as ‘the actress’ and nothing more, because she’s so much more than what most people know her of) but yeah, Yoona’s touching narration actually make-up for her non-existence singing in this song. The narration really set the song’s mood, don’t you think? She did an awesome job on the narration. It’s definitely one of my favorite part of the song  :]

Taeyeon had to lipsync her parts in both Byul Byul Byul and Oh! due to her throat condition. Yuri, for some reason, was lip-synching too, wasn’t she? The rest of the girls sang quite well although some of them were bit shaky. Sigh. Isn’t it obvious that the girls look so effin exhausted? SME, please give them a proper rest first! T___T btw, apparently they’ll be performing on a ski resort tonight… ski resort… with the cheerleader outfits, I assume :[