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ITS UPLOADED ITS UPLOADED! Thanks to speedy dkpopnews11 @ youtube and news from maestro-J from allkpop, SNSD performances of ‘Oh’ and Show!Show!Show! is here!

Show! Show! Show!


Woooooooooow. Show! Show! Show! was great. I loved the part when they sing “show me show me” and do the camera angles on their own faces. And JeTi… needless to say, I <3. Tae really brought it tonight. However, I thought their outfits were boring and while hair I could accept, the hat was plain ugly.

As for ‘Oh’ I was blown away. They definitely polished themselves well, because this is the first comeback by SNSD where I haven’t heard any weaknesses in their vocals. Loved the cheerleader outfits, and the backdrop was AMAZING. There was a mini blackout (?) but all was well. I really like ‘Oh’ and Jessica’s solo narrative part was amaaazing with the dance and everything.

I just have one slight complaint for ‘Oh’ which is the part where Yuri does the fan part. She makes it looked extremely cheesy during the MV and even worst in the performance… I think if they changed that one part I would be 100% happy with the performance.

What do you guys think? Or are you too busy to type because you’re screaming and spazzing?