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[Updated! Rino Nakasone choreographed Oh!]

The MV Teaser is out OMG~~~ spazz!

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 (( Naver crashed, SSF lagged, and #SNSDOh trending on twitter ...))
* I was disappointed with the teaser picture but this teaser vid change everything XD
Now I have my expectation back, I mean it’s Kenzie’s song after all. Most of her song succeed to showcase the girls’ vocals. Plus if this is the video Lisette Bustamante has been talking about… then I’ll expect a nice choreo too 🙂

But what’s with re-using ITNW concert pink cheerleading outfits, SME? D:

The response for the teaser video was amazing. As you might have known ‘Oh’ teaser video was revealed for the first time on the portal site Naver Music, on January 23rd at 00:00 am. Well maybe not at exactly 00:00 am KST, because Naver was crashed due too many people trying to access the site. SNSD’s biggest international forum, Soshified lagged (well at least it was for me ;_;) and break its most-users-online record by having 1,572 members online on the forum. Of course, the hype made an impact on Twitter too. Without any plan beforehand, international Sones managed to get #SNSDOh on Twitter’s trending topics… up until it was #4 on the list, before Twitter took it off from the list (sigh. #SNSDOh ain’t a spam dammit!)

And this is only a teaser video… imagine what would happen when they released the song and the MV! The song, Oh!, will be revealed on January 25th. The full second album will be released on January 28th, while the first performance will be on (of course, MC Fany and MC Yul’s) MBC Music Core on January 30th.

[Update] Turns out it’s Rino Nakasone who choreographed this, as seen on her tweet about Oh!
Oh! Rino

Woah. Now I wonder about this…
Oh? Lisette
Is that means Lisette Bustamante worked with the girls for another video or something? *confused*

Oh, in case you don’t remember, Rino Nakasone did the choreo for ‘Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)’. And I still somewhat disappointed at the choreo. Don’t take me wrong, Rino is an outsanding dancer / choreographer as seen on her other works, but Genie was just… disappointing for me. I love Genie choreography, but it clearly isn’t as strong as I expected. Or maybe I was expecting too much back then :[ Sigh. Now I don’t know what to expect anymore..