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The girls weren’t joking when they said they’ll make 2009 as theirs. As reported earlier, the tickets for SNSD upcoming solo concert were on sale earlier today. Apparently, 12000+ tickets (6000+ tickets for each day) sold out in three minutes! Congrats girls~


The fact that they’ll have first solo concert, Into the New World, alone is already a huge achievement as it’s very rare for girl groups to hold a solo concert to begin with. The break even point is about 5000 tickets to avoid financial loss, that’s why for this 2 days concert SM only set about 6000-7000 tickets for each day. SM I totally has underestimated the power of S♥NEs, because I honestly didn’t expect them to be sold out, at least not that fast. :X I thought G-Dragon’s recent 10-minutes sold out was pretty fast…

Why am I losing my hope for the Bangkok concert now ;____;
Most South-East Asian fans will be there, I wonder how is my chance to actually get a ticket for the concert…


[rant] Why is people all are talking about ahjussi-filled concert now? Ugh. I hate it when non-fans generalized all S♥NEs as perverted middle-aged men. i’magirlandnoteventwentyyetdammit! Wasn’t there was a survey about SNSD fancafes’ member? They have pretty balanced number between male fans and female fans — about 52% males and 48% females. Please, I bet that the 52% males are not all ahjussis. Even what they called as “samchon” (uncle) fans are those who are in their mid-20s to 30 years old (it’s not even that old!). I just hate that if I’m a SNSD fan, then I’ll be generalized as middle-aged men, or perverted middle-aged men to be exact. Ok, I’m not complaining about the perverse on my part :”D, but that’s another story. What’s wrong if they have a strong base of older male fans? It’s not like those boybands have no (perverted) older female fans and what not. Heck, even the girls said that the samchon and ahjussi fans are basically the calmest and most supportive group of fans. Sigh. I hope people would stop generalizing S♥NE like that, it’s starting to get very annoying. We love SNSD, but it’s NOT merely because of their looks — unlike what anti-fans always claimed us to be.[/end rant]

This is not that important, but previously there were some reports that the tickets sold out in five minutes, but that was pretty much an estimation as the official news report it was on three minutes. 😀

Source: Sport Chosun


By the way, I’m not really sure about this but supposedly this is a new record for girl group’s concert. There were only three girl group who had their own solo concert: S.E.S, FinKL, and Wonder Girls. Let alone sold out, somebody said that none of them reach the 5000 break even point. Gosh, can you believe SNSD was the group that got silent treatment (a.k.a the Black Ocean) on Dream Concert last year??? The same group that got boo-ed when they performed on SMTown Concert in Shanghai??? I’m so proud of them to have come this far, seriously.