and it’s even better when SNSD serves it.. 😀

I know..I’m supposed to be hibernating but since I don’t have too much work to do today, just one post. D:

No Yoona,  Tae, Yul, or SUnny

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Credit : 팡이짱@DC , meowdosa,nowhere@sosidangx2 silis7noy2@soompi, as-photo9 , woorissica | | .KwanElephant@Soshified.com

This was for the New Life For Children program.

Basically girls served coffee, helped make lattes and other drinks, worked as cashier, etc. Lucky fans got to interact with them 😦

Mmm..now I really want a Passion Shaken Lemonade Iced Tea with an extra shot of syrup. (was that even the right order? names so long..lol) OKay back to hibernation..

acutually no. ONE more thing. Seobaby had a photoshoot in vogue with shinee

crdits; silis7noy@soompi