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If you guys are wondering who Kyungsan is, then that means you haven’t been watching Hello Baby at all!

According to this article, KBS JOY will be wrapping up ‘SNSD’s Hello Baby’ on the 17th of November,
cutting a long six month march.

Through ‘Hello Baby’ we were able to see more than cute idols,
but responsible, honest and a more serious side to SNSD.

The SNSD members that gathered for the last recording
could not hold in their feelings and eventually shed their tears.
SNSD took photos with Kyungsan after the recording,
but were unable to leave because of the attachment they had gained for Kyungsan.

At the beginning of the show Tiffany admitted that she had “a fear of babies”
she now says that “through this program I was able to slowly cure myself of the fear,
and I learned how to truly love a baby.”

Tiffany was the most sorrowful about parting with Kyungsan,
she could not leave the location and kept circling the recording area,
which also made the staff feel distressed.

SNSD said “as much as Kyungsan has grown, we think we’ve matured that much too”,
“we were able to gain a deeper appreciation and gratitude towards our parents”
showing a new level of maturity.

The last episode is to be aired on November 17th, 11:10 PM (Korean Time)

Source: Newsen
Translation: Just Love~! @ Soshified.com/forums


I’m really going to miss this show, even though I haven’t been watching it lately, the first few episodes were great and we got to see another side of SNSD.  We got to see the lovely YoonYul couple being dorks, Tiffany being afraid of the baby, and JeNy being worst moms! Also, the baby, Kyungsan was really cute x]