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[UPDATED with subbed video! -under the cut-]

This behind-the-scene video is totally made my day.

It seems like SNSD’s new Goobne CF concept is “girls high on sugar” or something. Seriously, just when you think they couldn’t get any crazier and — OMG ARE THEY WEARING BRACES???

cr: protonic9

There’s so many precious moments in this vid… but apparently, when the interviewer asked Seobaby what she wants to do the most at campus, she said she’d like to eat an apple (cr: kevcozha@soompi).  See, even the demure Seobaby is no exception in this madness.

Haha aren’t they going nuts having a blast filming this CF or what? it’s been a while since the last time I saw them being so genuinely happy and energetic like this, unlike their TMYW promo days wherein they were obviously exhausted (though, still happy :P). Excited for the upcoming >>first solo concert<<, aren’t you girls? 😀

Tell me I’m not “crazy” and the girls do wear (invisible) braces! Or maybe the video quality is just so bad that it appears as if they’re wearing braces? LOL I found it cute that all (?) of them wearing invisible braces, but I wonder why would they wear braces. I mean, it’s not like they have problem with their teeth or anything. Ah. Whatever the reason is… somehow it makes me feel related to them because I wear braces too atm 8D

Anyway, here’s a subbed video of Yuri and Seobaby being congratulated by the rest of the team.

cr: toebeast (if you haven’t, subscribe to this channel N.O.W!)

Yuri said “Walk around campus together”… is that mean she choose Yoona and Seobaby DongGuk over Sooyoung ChungAng? :O If it’s so, then it’s quite a surprise since ChungAng Unversity is academically better than DongGuk University.

cr: toebeast

LMAO the interviewer is the same guy who fell down on the red carpet! XD