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Wearing the white marine uniforms, the girls performed ‘Tell Me Your Wish’, ‘Gee’, and ‘Chocolate Love’ on today LG Mobile World Cup 2009 event. Interesting performances, I must say. There’s a big dance blunder on ‘TMYW’ as the girls had no idea they’re perfoming the remix version of the song (everyone is confused and Sooyoung had to pull Taeyeon down LOL).

Tell Me Your Wish 091108

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For the first time ever, they performed ‘Chocolate Love’ live live — but what’s wrong with Tiffany’s and Jessica’s voice? D: too much screaming last night, yea girls? By the way, isn’t the choreography HOT or what? :Q
Chocolate Love 091108

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The girls also performed everyone’s favorite ‘Gee’. Yes, it had to be another “Listen Jessi” today 😀
Gee 091108

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