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Jo Kwon the diva of 2AM.

Tiffany & JoKwon

Or at least that what Sooyoung said on the filming for upcoming episode of ‘Hello Baby’. What interesting is, Jo Kwon also once revealed that >>his ideal type is Tiffany<<.

Oh LOL, too bad Jo Kwon is now “married” to BEG’s Ga-in. Well, Tiffany, you still has Sica~

I wonder what Ga-in’s reactions will be. She seemed pretty jealous when she read the list of Kwon’s ideal type.

cr: time2sub2 (skip to 6:42)

LOL at his ideal-type list… Hyunah, Jiyoung, Tiffany, Taeyeon, Jessica, Sunny. Looks like Jo Kwon is a SNSD fanboy too. 😀

…and just because Jo Kwon is fabulous:

source: Newsen