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I found it awesome how SNSD always seems to leave a deep impression to people they’ve work with. It’s usual thing for fans to blog about their encounter with SNSD. But there’s also many times where respected senior celebrities, PDs, magazine editor, and other staffs actually blog about meeting the girls and the impression they left.

The accounts are always so heart-warming and the newly surfaced staff-account is no exception. Silis7noy2 at Soompi has translated a staff-acount from Samyang Ramyung CF shot. It’s a long one, but definitely worth reading. 🙂


Although it’s been some time now, I had the opportunity to work as an assistant staff for the Samyang Ramen CF Shoot with SNSD. Together with my team staff we have worked with many famous celebrities before but since this time it was the SNSD everyone was after, we were really looking forward to it.

And more than I had thought (I apologize to the fans who think I had a prejudice), they were much more professional, and the girls were so talkative during the breaks to the point of hurting my ears hehehehe. I write this post in hopes that some of the misunderstandings against this girl group is cleared up.

The SM staff who arrived first explained that the girls were not in good conditions, due to incessant schedules and asked for understanding. And even among the lowly staffs like me we were joking that this shoot with a popular idol star was going to be quite difficult and we were bit nervous. Of course it was from the anticipation of meeting SNSD in person but on the other hand when these shoots go on for hours there will be conflicts between the parties and we often hear harsh words. Sometimes the celebrities or their staffs will get in arguments with us during the shoot and we expected this one to be no different.

Against expectation that they’ll be little late the girls arrived promptly on time one by one. The first impression I had was that they greet people like there’s no tomorrow… From the director, cameraman to the lowest prop man, they yelled out “Hello We are SNSD” to each and everyone, and that really set the atmosphere from the beginning.

As you know this CF song & dance was intended to be enjoyed by people of all ages and couple of the girls did not seemed to have completely memorized the dance at arrival. They diligently practiced the dance on their own then they would hit their head when they couldn’t do it right and drag other members to help them… I passed by them at that time and Tiffany and Yuri were whimpering that they couldn’t memorize it quickly enough ah kekeke

The most memorable thing I saw was that until the shooting started Jessica just threw herself on the set couch and slept, and the other members took turns napping beside her. The camera was already on so Jessica was totally exposed to it so the girls were laughing then they sat surrounding her as to hide her sleeping face. It made me smile like watching little daughters kekeke. From that I saw they were really cute ladies more than I had thought…

In front of camera they started very awkward at first… The director explained the script and he emphasized they should have the cutest expression possible. Then the girls whined that they couldn’t do it it was too awkward hehehe. Sunny said “Hey we are still SNSD we can do cute” and then they said some kind of phrase then the other members repeated it and put their hands together for a hwaiting then got up. Nobody asked them but the girls kindly explained to us that it is the hwaiting phrase they use before they go on stage…they were chaotic and seemed like they were high on something but after observing them on the set I understood that was their special hwaiting routine keke

Not just late but the shoot went on till the early morning and all the staffs and the girls became worn out. But the girls massaged each other during breaks and started each shoot session by yelling out “We’ll do our best, Hwaiting!” and that helped us too so there weren’t too much difficulty. When camera had to be stopped due to dance mistakes the girls scolded themselves harshly before anyone else could say anything kekeke we just had to stand by smiling. And this really shocked me, a girl group horsing around doing headlocks kekekeke even the serious director broke out a laughter… and their hairs got all messed up and the codi had to come running…

Personally there was one bum thing with picture taking… the advertisers and their families got to take pictures with the girls I can understand that. During one break I asked Yoona Sunny Seohyun for a picture and I didn’t expect my request to be granted, but they readily said ok and I was elated… sadly the manager approached us and the situation changed. I had similar experience so I understood the situation but it’s still sad I don’t have a picture with them. Perhaps because they are idols they seemed to be very apprehensive of their manager. And the manager kept me in check… I’m no stalker and I’m not even a fan of SNSD so I felt little unfair about his overprotective attitude.

Since that shoot I had other CF shoots and me and my partner kept missing the shoot with SNSD girls. For the other shoots we had many troubles with every little things and delays and conflicts… For the girls it’s not how they are pretty (actually they looked really tired) but their professional attitude, how they go on camera without one complaint. And all those hwaitings to cheer up the staffs during breaks left lasting impression.

If you are a fan you can be proud of SNSD, I see they are someone you can be sure to continue to cheer for. I will also continue to cheer them when they are on shows or if I get lucky again on a different shoot with them.

PS. I did not think of them as good singers but during the breaks one member would start singing some song then others would follow, and it was good. I don’t know which song it was but now I’m searching and listening to SNSD songs now.

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Just in case you missed the Dream Concert 2009 backstage staff-account:

“…so the girls come out for rehearsal in casual clothes! Taengoo really small, with small face , she can be put in a pocket!! Tiffany just goes around greeting everybody she seemed in good mood and her voice in good condition. She came after 6pm from Music Core with Yuri, and Yuri was in a black dress… really pretty a Goddess… she was practicing her dance backstage and doing waves in front of me, I almost fainted, her s-line and her flexibility – _ -…Sooyoung’s really tall and her legs have NO peers – _ -… Sunny I ran in to her when she was visiting Shinee and f(x)’s waiting rooms, she has pretty smile, she smiled at me everytime I stared at her keke… Jessica her voice is so sweet in real life she’s constantly playing around or doing dances and shaking her butt keke her stare was sharp though when I met her eyes…Hyoyeon seemed about same height as Taeyeon, I saw Hyoyeon right in front of my face and she’s one member the camera isn’t capturing her full beauty and she just seemed so close with all the members… The girls ran to the stage director yelling Annyunghaseyo! and the director told me My god arent they loud? keke… they are loud when the 9 are together, always chitchatting and playing… Sooyoung seemed very fond of Seohyun, and Seohyun always following unnies around, I can just see every member loves maknae, she’s about to surpass Sooyoung’s height

Heechul seemed to adore Jessica keke When they were playing I heard Jessica making dolphin voice. Jessica seemed really fond of Krystal she just held her sister’s hand all the time backstage dragging her around smiling happy. Kara seemed good friends with Soshi, with Sunny and Jessica they were just horsing around together. MC Mong also liked to play around with Jessica. Sunny was one of the most active person in the building always wandering about other groups rooms like 4minute, Shinee, KARA, f(x)… and Tiffany also was going around everywhere with big smile on…The fireworks during the ending was too much it became a warzone on stage. They exploded over the stage so all the debris came down on stage. Sunny was protected by Tiffany and other members but she left the stage all shaken up.”
c: 티파니즘@dc

>>credits to silis7noy2@soompi<<


Ok, I do understand that the whole staff-accounts could be a mere PR stunt and what not… but it doesn’t change that those staff-accounts are so heart-warming. As for me, I love SNSD mainly because of the interesting interactions between the members (idk, it just seems so genuine)… so reading staff-accounts just strengthening my love for them. ^__^

Anyway, isn’t it cute how all those staff-accounts always mentioned how LOUD and playful the girls are? 😛

>>credits to silis7noy2@soompi<<