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I guess Seobaby just couldn’t handle it anymore…

Haha just kidding. Like any of the upper hands would let her go, let alone anyone in SM Ent. Fooled ya, huh lil STDs STANDs?

So I don’t remember what I was doing, but I was watching random 8eight videos and came across this really funny clip.

Joohee looks so pretty hehehe. But man, who is that girl next to her? She’s hilarious XD I swear I’ve seen her in variety shows or dramas.

Anyway, in case you were wondering the song list and their original singers, here it is:

SNSDTell Me Your Wish, Genie
Kim Won JeonShow
EchoThe One Who’s Happy (SNSD’s sang this song before, look it up on YT)
Fly to the SkySea of Love (Haha Lee Hyun imitating Hwanhee and Brian)
Park Ji YoonI’m falling in Love (I think SNSD’s sang this song too)

Oh so this is just a perfect oppurtunity for me to whore show off other artists like I always do 😀

Piano version of their latest single with SHINee’s Taemin playing piano!

Love it when they sing in English!

Two subbed videos:

Oh and I just had to share this… guys from my favorite ballad groups coming together to pay tribute to a classic group, Big Mama!

Ok well K.will is a soloist, but you guys already know my husband how much I like him. Order from L to R: Lee Hyun (8eight), Jinho (SG Wannabe), Changmin (2AM), K.Will (my closet).
Wow, now I know why I look at those crazy fangirls with a wtf face. Someone do something before I become annoyingly stupid!

All credits go to Youtube uploaders!