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Edit: Subbed now 🙂

When Yuri chose to phone a friend on KBS2TV‘s  Invincible Youth (Heroine 6) Episode 1, who did she call?


Yuri called the house phone and hoped one of the members would answer. And of course, we all know Tiffany is attached to anything that rings so when she heard that phone, it was no surprise that she picked up.

So away with that ‘YulTi’ shipping! :p just kidding. You’re free to let your imagination free, we encourage it.

Anyway, here’s the first episode and for more, click on >>Protonic9‘s<< channel!

Credit: Teamomurice, Protonic9 @YT

I miss Tama Mama 😦 Okay, did at least one post today. Now it’s time to have fun at the park with some friends! Don’t you just love picnics and nature?