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Okay, I know those aren’t the lyrics, but I swear when Tiffany does this one line, it sounds like really bad Korean or really bad Engrish and she’s trying to say “Just keep on waiting~”

Anyway, so I was talkin’ to the very cool Pooltides oppa and he gave me this clip that you gotta see because it is hilarious. Or at least I find it hilarious.

Don’t get it?

Yuri has a >>Boyfriend Pillow!<< I feel like Sunny, that lil mastermind, did that on purpose. Hahah. I guess Yuri just misses Yoona all the time. I mean, Yoona was always busy doing her side job while Sooyoung had to take care of the group and beat them *bleeps* with her bat. Poor Yuri, she has to stay faithful while so lonely :[

Which is what the makeup is for in case your wondering. I mean, it would only be a disaster if one of the two decide to come home for the night and Yuri’s not looking her best!

Credit: Teamomurice @YT

Can you believe girls pay money to hug a pillow?! Pfft, giiiiirl, I’ll just hug my own pillow. Soo and Yoona best have gave her that as a present or somethin’.