Adding onto Maria’s post, here’s more info about Yuri’s little crying incident and becoming the perfect daughter in law. šŸ™‚

So on Invinsible Youth, Hyunah from 4minute and Yuri were supposed to call a family member or friend and explain about their hardships in rural Korea. And who did Yuri call? None other than her other lover/half tiffany ā¤ Apart from sharing about her rough day, she also mentioned how close she has become with her members because they’ve supported her through the tough times.

Noo Joo-hyeon was also on the show and after seeing all the lovely young ladies, it caused him to think of his son and led him to show a picture of his son to everyone. Supposedly the boy is handsome ( šŸ˜€ ) and after a bit, he chose Yuri as the perfect daughter in law since she was the prettiest. Fantastic choice I must say and not cause I’m biased. She’s got the funnny, bubbly personality and isn’t too shy so she’ll definitely win the love of the parents.