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You would think that by using the song I’m currently listening to (by ADELE for those of you who are wondering) as a title because I couldn’t come up with anything better would make it very irrelevant, yet I’ve found a way how!

Lately, the Jung duo has been flaunting their love for one another all around the K-pop town, trying to prove my previous statements about their close or not-so-close sisterly relationship. Honestly, I hope I am proven wrong.

Bros for life!
Bros for life!

 Awwww how nice! Check them out >>at the showcase<< for performances by Eff of Ex and SNSD!

Credit: Protonic9 @YT

It’s been a long time huh? I missed you guys 🙂 My modem broke for like a week in the beginning of October and other than that, I’ve been having meetings every day except for Fridays. And of course since I’m getting older and am fighting for a life (which you know is pretty limited if you’re living in an Asian household haha) I go out as much as I can if I’m not already volunteering or taking care of prior engagements. So I hope you guys still remember me! I’m that weird awesome girl with the funny posts. They’re funny right…? Kpop and SNSD is getting harder and harder to follow these days! D;