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First, before I get to my post, THANK YOU EVERYONE! I know I’m late but I read every single of your lovely wishes and super thanks to cindy for making this >>post<<! I am so touched. I think your msgs were even nicer than the ones I have on facebook… Uh oh, ignore that! Must not reveal my loserish side!

We had Monday (Canadian Thanksgiving) off this week, BUT this is the BUSIEST week I’ve had so far. I just adore how instructors seem to think that long weekends = extra time to study = perfect time to give out exams. Supposedly intelligent, you’d think they realize that the whole point of having the day off was not to study and do papers like a mad dog but to celebrate thanksgiving. Sigh.

Anyways, on to happier SNSD goodie which got me through the day… “Making of” Chocolate Phone MV. ITS SUCH A TEASER FOR THE REAL MV. I am SO anticipating. This looks so much more special than their previous HaHaHa campaigns.

Thanks anneth021 @ youtube for the upload!