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If you haven’t read Cindy’s post on the Dream Concert’s picture then I suggest you go look right now. N.O.W.! haha jk anyway, I went lurking around youtube to find some fancams for our lovely readers and here there are! I haven’t watch any of them yet so after making this post, I’m going to watch them =]  Btw, their outfits are so <333

Okay, so once again, updates!  I found a HQ fancam of the dream concert but the whole performance is in one video so I’m going to post it up, but if you guys like part by part then the other videos will be here still.

HQ Performance:

Tell Me Your Wish:



SM Town-“Let’s Go On a Trip”:

Credit: 520SHINeetaemin WonderGenerationn gianbok minminalways protonic9@youtube.com