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Who could it be this time? Sigh, living the life of the Don must be tough.

What a creep! Wait…. she’s actually a pretty hot creep…..  Who is this girl…?


Krystal left a message on her Me2Day feed and posted this picture with a caption of:

This picture shows me waiting for something. Waiting for what? Jessica unni? I should kidnap her! hehe

Looks like the Jungs continuously want to prove me wrong and show how close they are. But Krys, word of advice… This is what happens when you’re not careful:

KPFX (Kkangpae FX) jailed!

Remember back in your trainee days! Don’t be an amateur again, gotta be stealthy!

And Krys, good luck trying to get her out of Tiffany‘s room. In fact, good luck trying to get that door unlocked…

Credit: AKP

P.S. just ignore this post if it was all over the place. I was at Bayside today and I just got home half an hour ago. The Miami air is probably making me go a bit coocoo cachu or maybe it’s this popsicle that’s numbing my lips, making it hard to think.