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With their rising popularity, the girls are constantly being chosen to be endorsers. But what is it this time, you ask? None other than Ramyun, SamYang Ramyun; a pretty popular ramyun brand with the logo, ‘Friendly Ramyun, SamYang Ramyum/If You’re My Friend, SamYang Ramyun’.

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The black pearl really stands out here haha; shizzling hot!

According to xyiseul@allkpop, the girls were chosen to endorse the product because of their playful charms that could easily attract fans in their 10s-20s. There will be a CF to look forward to as well as a ‘Boiling’ song with an easy and addictive melody to make the CF more enjoyable. And of course, with the ‘Boiling’ song, there will be a ‘Boiling’ dance!

I’m guessing the legit name for the ‘Boiling’ song is called, “보글보글” (;

보글보글 is like bubble bubble kind of… you know the sound water makes when it boils?


source: allkpop & soompi


The CF already sounds cute! I bet after watching the CF, I’m gonna find myself on raymun again.