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Eearlier, I recieved >>a message<< update of what KPSD has been up to. It was from a my (Aien)Best and highly trained agent- she’s got >>a good eye<<, eh?

Why is it that Yuri‘s always ridin’ >>all the cool<< rides? What a generous Don, a gift for her hardest working Underboss. Was it just me or did Yuri look worried upset about her Yoona winning once again? My guess is that she’s on another one of her opperations again.

What clearly sticks out for me in this video is that loud “SMACK!” Looks like Taeyeon‘s finally had a taste of her own medicine? Sooyoung likes to use discipline šŸ˜‰

My guess is that both the videos are evidence of their next operation. Devising plans in their secret (ware)house, trainig assult dogs, making disguises, exercising plans, assigning assignments, filming for notes… It’s all to obvious. I’m onto you, KPSD!

P.S. Hmm, a raspy voiced Lady and a tired and lazing Don. Teehee you see where I’m going with this.

Credits: XxAznprde1919xX + Aienbest @YT