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Yeah, most of you probably won’t get that M-flo reference I put in since some of the SNSD members like them… so just ignore it.

Anyway, I waited a day or two after release of the KBS Hello! Baby JeNy Baby Making Series Ep. 12 because I knew our friend Aienbest would be able to get us some subs. So I hope you enjoy this >>continuation<< of Don Jess and Lady Tiff‘s special day with Kyungsan!

But before I do, I’ll start you off >>with this:<<

HMMMM, is ‘Tripod’ some sort of pet name now? *giggles*

Would this be considered child abuse or neglect? XD I’m pretty sure he’s noticed those tripods all throughout production… why is he only getting fascinated by it NOW that Jeti is left alone with him? XD kids these days, always want to hate their parents! Too bad Jeti only limits the spanking amongst themselves TEEHEE. I giggled when Jessica made the request that Tiffany most likely sings to her whenever she wants ^^

Oh, and what is that? The girls don’t like guys with Blood Type A? AH HA, guess who is blood type A? (Besides Leeteuk, and Kim Ki BumDonghae from Super Junior and Yunho from DBSK, you know, the guys that the girls got so much crap about for allegedly “dating”. I lol at this.

Am I the only one that’s worried about the way Kyangsun crawls? Well, instead of crawling, it looks more like he drags his lower body instead of using his knees and crawling on all four limbs. And speaking of “crawling”, jeez, he must really make an effort to stay away from Mommy Tiff XD You’d think the way he was “crawling” is hard enough, he goes backwards just to escape her!

Don, I highly recommend you let me teach you how to train your fingers. I’m very hands on and I couldn’t help but notice that your fingering was just all so wrong. I thought someone with a lifestyle like yours, you  would be much more educated….
………………With the guitar I mean.

Kyungsan really gets his traits from Jessi haha spacing out like that.
And that’s not even fair you guys, the only reason why he paid attention to you was because you sat him in his walker and he had no choice! lol


@JEyon: yeah, I figured that the Jung sisters took after their mom because she is quite pretty. And no one has confirmed whether or not Lil Jung attended Korean Kent High School like many Korean Americans and Korean foriegners have (as koolau stated below you). I don’t think 6 years is enough to build a strong accent, especially if those first two or three years she wasn’t even talking yet. From what I remember in psych class, it’s usually at age 8 (or was it 8 years?) where one strongly builds memory and formation of a language. Either way, moving to Korea at 6 years old, growing up to be almost 15, means that she had plenty of time to pick up an accent. And just look at Jessica! Even she has an accent when she speaking/singing English. Or maybe she juts forgets a few words?

OH! And I finally watched BA:BO last night. Very good movie and a great performance by Cha Tae Hyun and Ha Ji Won. You gotta watch Speed Scandal, another one of Cha Tae Hyun’s newer movies that I liked. That kid that got Yoona’s number (Hwan Seok Hyun) and is quite the child star right now is in that movie. I think you’ll also find the lead actress is quite the singer and is very pretty. I hope she debuts as a singer or comes out with a new movie!