Apparently that is who rapper Eun Ji Won wants to collaborate with…err who?

On the recent episode of Come to Play, the typical question of “Who would you like to collaborate with” was asked to Eun Ji Won. He nervously answered “Hyo Nyuh” causing the studio to burst out in laughter. He meant to say Hyo Yeon from So Nyuh Shi Dae but accidentally combined the two words together.

MC Yoo then jokingly said that the group should just become Hyo Nyuh Shi Dae. 😛

I think it’s rare, if not the first time, for us to hear that someone wants to collaborate with Hyo but it’s definitely a great thing! I can totally see her rapping away like in the special Tell Me performance or singing. Her voice sounds great in certain types of songs. Hopefully we’ll be hearing a Hyo Nyuh solo soon 😀

ps. And as if the first day of school wasn’t lame enough, I come home to find Jaebom going back to Seattle………… 😦 😦 😦