On the recent episode of MBC’s “Come to Play”, Yurisangja’s Park Seunghwa was asked which Korean celebrity would he like to do a duet with. He chose the smiling lil mushroom of SNSD, Tiffany. Seems like Tiff is pretty wanted these days for duets eh?

Now how did Seunghwa come to making the decision to choose Tiffany? Supposedly she came to him in his dreams…now that is one hell of a dream that I wouldn’t mind having each night. Sigh. One can only hope.

Member Lee Saejoon joked that Seunghwa seemed so much more brighter these days, causing the crowd to bust out in laughter.


Just a short post, I’m home now 🙂 And school tmrw…updates might be slower now since the whole team is going to officially busy again.