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I know I said I signed up for two EFF OF EX forums, but I don’t go on any at all… Well it’s a good thing someone linked me to this very interesting thread!

Their Pants are for Pansies Campaign?

The Pants are for Pansies Campaign?

I believe so!

>>Anything you could do, I could do better
I can do anything better than you!

I noticed this when I saw their first performance of La Cha Ta at MBC Music Core, but for some reason it didn’t connect as much as it did when someone put it together like this haha.

But this is where it just gets silly…

I find it weird that the more I finally see similarities between the Don and Lil Jung, the more it’s being countered. For example, today’s appearance on Super Junior‘s Sukira radio show… Krystal looked more like Yoona again xD

Looks like us SM Town lovers have been busy these days trying to follow (or catch up, in my case) their idols! Speaking of SM… SM’s rock band, >>TRAX is back!<< Sorta… well they had a performance with a new rock band, AIR, right after the Eff of Ex performance on Sunday’s SBS Inkigayo.

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