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Just like before in MTV SNSD Show; Yuri, SooYoung, and SeoHyun acted as MCs for MuCore this week. They looks sooo cute, I love Seohyun’s outfit today. The video cuts of them is included below, super thanks to protonic9

I know Yuri said something about Tiffany? Man I wonder where that girl is. First she flew back to US, then she came back look really tired, and then for the last few performances I’ve seen with her in it, she look so out of it and lipsyncing. Anyways, Tiffany, feel better soon, we’re with you!

Attached is an article about Tiffany’s well being from allkpop’s rhyelee:

Korean netizens are worried about SNSD’s Tiffany, and it’s because Tiffany’s face is getting smaller. Maybe her overworking and the harassment of her antis have really gotten to her lately.

It’s kinda obvious to me, as well, that her face has slimmed down a bit – her slightly rounder face has lost a lot of weight, and she’s developed more of a V-line. And goodness, that girl (along with the majority of Korean stars) does NOT need to lose any more weight.

You can see for yourself in this before/after picture below.
Fighting, Tiff! Don’t work too hard.


Definitely Fighting Fany ><! Whats with Asian girls wanting to look like stick these days? Fany is pretty now, but she was definitely a lot cuter and healthier looking back then. I’ve noticed her new v-line face since ‘Gee’ music video, and personally, I find it kind of freaky, I liked the her old shape better! Same with Kara’s Nicole! (But don’t worry, I still love these girls!)