The “Uncle Corps” are on the move.

The who? Well thats the new nickname for the male fans of SNSD ranging from 30s to 40s. Recently, these fans are spotted in the Hyundai Department Stores splurging as much money as they can in order to grab tickets to see either SNSD, Browned Eyed Girls, Kara, or Shinee. The concert will take place on the 13th at the Seoul Olympic Stadium. 

Customers are required to purchase at least 400,000 won (about $323). Hyundai did a report that out of the 2979 people that chose snsd, close to 59% were male, from that 45% of the males were in their 30s and 40s. Thats the Uncle Corps at work I bet. 😛

Well if you live in korea, go splurge some money since the event goes on until the 6th!

Side note: I won’t be updating much, if at all, this weekend and Monday. Quick lil’ vacation 🙂 But the rest of the team will be so look forward to their posts! Have a nice weekend everyone!