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Recently we had g.o.d‘s Kim Taewoo confessed his feeling for Yuri, back then we also already had Kangta expressed his feeling for Sunny, and now UN’s Kim Junghoon (also known as Prince Yul from Goong) join the club by confessed his feeling for Taeyeon.

On his first vacation after 100 days in military, Kim Junghoon commented that, “Ever since I was in the military, I have started to have a liking for SNSD’s Tae Yeon.” Before enlisting to the army he didn’t have any interest in girl entertainers, let alone SNSD. See the pattern here? That’s pretty much what Kangta and Kim Taewoo (and even So Jisub!) said on their interview. They only started to become SNSD fan after they enlisted to the army.

Previously, Kangta said, “I like SNSD now. Before I enlisted, I only thought of them as my juniors and that they were really hardworking kids. But after entering the army, I have totally converted into becoming a fan of them. I really like the song ‘Gee’ and my heart would start beating really fast whenever I see Sunny.”  He added, “Not only myself, but I think that all the army serviceman in Korea do hold SNSD in our hearts.”
Kim Taewoo - KangTa - Kim Junghoon
2AM‘s Changmin also commented on SNSD’s popularity in the army. He jokingly said one of his fellow officer was once nose-bleeding after watching the high-kick choreograpy in SNSD’s Into the New World performance. Unlike Changmin’s friend, actor So Ji-sub said that he feels a little uneasy seeing the girls in sexy attires or short shorts. So Jisub said he prefer to see the girls in Gee outfits with the t-shirts and jeans. He also admitted that SNSD has been caught his interest ever since he was in the army. Prior to his enlistment, only one SNSD member who caught his interest, but now he likes all nine of them (as little sisters, of course!).

On recent KJE’s Chocolate, rapper/singer PSY who just finished his service said, “Soldiers in army get up in the morning and pledge allegiance to three things – to our country, to superior officers, and to SNSD”. Best fanboy quote evarrr! It seems like SNSD literally have army of fanboys, yes?
the brothers

I think there's no explanation needed on whose brother is who -- the surnames and the faces already give it away, Y/Y?

I guess army life will be somewhat easy for Kim Jiwoong, Kwon Hyukjun, and Kim Min-gu since each of them has a SNSD member as sister. Rumor has it, Kwon Hyukjun who is now serving the Korean Air Force is very popular among fellow army servicemen and his superior officers. See, those boys are lucky having SNSD as sister… or maybe not so much.

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