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In addition to the other piccies we have gathered >>here<< for you, here’s the latest poster for Elite 2009!


When was this!? 2PM and our girls look great! I’m staring at SeoHyun… since when did that little girl can pose so well!? SunnyBunny is adorable, and I’m loving the purple stripes. Taeyeon, you little flirt! Then ofcourse in the front we have SNSD’s poster girl YoonA the FRONT in yellow (yaaay! My fav colour on YoonA!). While I loveeee Tiffany’s top, her facial expression isn’t as eye catching and cute as the others… I bet there were ones where she did very cute eye-smiles but maybe the others didn’t look good. Sigh, thats the trouble w/group photos! Anyways, let’s hope they have a new CF linedup soon :)!

Picture credit to Elite and 派派@snsdchina