Netizens have spoken..yet again. This time, some of them are claiming that G-Dragon has plagarized…OFF OF SNSD!

Remember the famous line “Gee gee gee gee baby baby, I’m GD GD Baby baby”? Maria posted about it here.

Some of these netizens are now saying the rhythm and lyrics are too similar to the actual song Gee (sorry but no shit. its the same thing.) They claim that this “controversy” is disrespecting to SNSD. Other netizens though, are saying that it wasn’t  plagiarizing and instead Gdragon is  just trying to express his confidence through a popular song. And that it also adds more fun to the music. 

Okay..my thoughts? This thing is so overblown. This is definitely no controversy, we hear artists borrowing from others’ songs all the time and it is not considered plagiarizing. Try listening to American music more, you’ll hear it all the time. “Snap your fingers”…i hear that TOO MUCH but its not a problem, least not as a controversy. Another thing that has been blown up by netizens again 🙂 In my opinion, I don’t find it a problem at all, it’s just a little borrowing and makes the song a little more “familiar” with by putting in some hit lyrics (Gee gee gee gee baby baby..who wouldn’t know that part by now? Well in Korea at the least).