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* (27) BTS clips added under their respectable episode.

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Kudos to ssfsubs@Youtube for uploading all 9 episodes of ‘MTV SNSD’ with subs! ‘MTV SNSD’ is definitely my favorite show of the girls. If anyone is a new fan or didn’t know about this awesomeeee show, it’s considered a reality show similar to their ‘Girls Go To School’, where you get to know more about the girls. Both shows were broadcasted in 2007. Each member has their own episode except 2 members who happen to have longer parts, Sooyoung & Taeyeon (because taeng is awesome like that, jk. I’m guessing because Sooyoung’s introduces and Taeyeon’s concludes the show. Plus, all 9 members are featured most of the time in their episodes). There are exactly 9 episodes (11 parts) and are in the following order: Sooyoung (w/ 2 parts), Yuri, Jessica, Seohyun, Tiffany, Sunny, Yoona, Hyoyeon, and Taeyeon (w/ 2 parts). MTV SNSD, I believe, was suppose to show viewers different sides of the girls, especially off stage and allowed viewers to  learn more about the girls (more personally-ish, being that there were 9 members). You learn about some of their family members, how it was as a trainee, hardships, how they were casted, etc. Anyways, if you haven’t watched it yet, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND it! It’s definitely a perfect throwback. Because of this show, I became a loyal s♥ne teehee >:]

There were also subbed BTS clips of the 9 episodes, but it hasn’t been uploaded yet. When they’re uploaded, I’ll edit this post and indicate it at the top.

Full Of humor, All-Around Girl, Sooyoung

Lovable Black Pearl, Yuri

Open Hearted Ice Princess, Jessica

Silly But Cute 4-Dimensional Girl, Seohyun

Brighter Than Jewels, Tiffany

Bright And Cheerful Energizer & Aegyo Expert, Sunny

Prettier Than Flowers, Yoona

Power Dancing Queen, Hyoyeon

Fresh & Pure Kid Leader, Taeyeon

P.S. Kinda random, but does anyone happen to know what song is played when they do the solo dance thingy or the one when JeTi are playing badimonton? 😀 & speaking of throwbacks, don’t miss out on The Charity Cafe Event if you haven’t seen it yet.