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So turns out that Jessica ain’t the only one that “gets the ladies” around in the SM Town.

Looking at the pictures above, don’t lie to yourself and say that the Don’s mysterious and somewhat coy eyes with lil >>Jung’s charming smile<< doesn’t work on you! Don’t lie to yourself girls everyone!

I guess they looked alike when they were younger...

I guess they looked alike when they were younger...

…or at least when Jessica shows her forehead LOL.

I’ve been meaning to do this for the past three or four days, but you know my situation. But word on the street is that Krystal is close with her bandmates, especially Seolri, and is close with SNSD members. I guess it’s only natural that the lil Jung would have close ties to the heads of the army, eh?

Below is a photo and four links of Krystal (aka lil Jung) attending a (birthday) ceremony for Yuri.

1 2 3 4 NOTE: Last two (3 and 4) are of Jessica accompanying lil Jung on the way. Safety first!

mmm Stalker pics.

Krystal is the youngest f(x) member at 14 years old and has been receiving vocal, acting, ballet and jazz dance training since 2006. In addition to that, she can even speak Japanese, adding onto her arsenal of talents.

That’s a lot of training she did… no wonder why she’s the Don’s sister! It only makes sense that she trained the hardest and the most. >>Training even in the woods!<<

Here’s one of lil Jung’s rumored shim-toy’s, Manber, profile:



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a.k.a. Liu Amber (Korean: Yoo Amber)

In this article, it says that she was raised in the U.S., Canada, Thailand and Malaysia. I wonder how many languages she knows. But, damn, she’s only been training for [less than] 2 years. :O

The female clerk (it’s Coffee Bean) is now a noonie*. She confessed that she made mistakes on purpose to get Amber to talk to her

Ones who crossed a street with Amber say she would watch for cars and gently pull your arms and lead you

Someone asked Amber’s blood type, it’s B

If a girl is holding anything heavy Amber will insist on holding it for her

Last year Krystal was often seen with a foreign ‘boy’ talking in English so Krystal fans assumed she got a boyfriend. It was Amber.

Amber and Krystal like to kid around with each other like brothers.
It is said that when Amber and Krystal are horsing around they will actually kick and punch each other


L-R: Seolri and Krystal

L-R: Krystal and Seolri

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Krystal and Sulli has been known to be close friends. Krystal always waited for Sulli’s lesson to end then they would go home together

One time Sulli’s shoelaces got loose, Krystal saw that and knelt down to tie it

And here’s some other random and fun information:

Krystal’s singing voice is quite different from Jessica’s

Krystal’s difference from Jessica is that members look after Jessica but Krystal looks after other members

Although Victoria has joined the team last, she hangs around with Amber a lot lately

One day Victoria was sick and Amber was seen going into dorm embracing Vic in one arm and holding several bags in other arm

Currently Amber, Sulli, Victoria are together in a dorm

That’s just how things work with Dons and the little ones. Because Jessica takes care of business, the rest must serve her. Krystal only learns from the best on how to do her job!


I’m sure I had more to say and more to post… but you know what? Just join us at >>JPHIP’s thread<< made just for EFF OF EX!

Credits: http://fx.ipbfree.com/ (yes, I actually joined a forum….), Tama Mama @JPHIP

P.S. *Noonies unite! …man, I can’t believe I’m a noonie to three of the girls @_@. Oh, and in case you didn’t know, noonie is the new word that netizens just made for Manber. It’s a combination of noona and unni because some feel it’s only right that she uses both LOL.