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Okay, I’ll stop with the math references.

Anyway, so earlier, we released our >>inner pedo<< and now it’s time to put our thinking caps on and learn the new men (or should i say man?) of Don Jess‘s army. I already learned them earlier today, but I thought I’d help you guys out 🙂

So pretty much from L-R: Seongyeon (Luna), Krystal, Victoria, Seolri (Sulli/Seol Li), Manber Amber

L-R: Victoria, Seongyeon (Luna), Krystal, Seolri (Sulli/Seol Li), Manber Amber

And here are some new pictures!


Manber Amber:

Okay, if you find me rude, then don’t read this and just skip onto the next picture:

LOL seriously? I thought after the teaser, they would stop the whole man thing… but I don’t know XD Are they trying to make their own Yoshizawa Hitomi? I guess since boy groups have their androgynous members, female groups should have them too? I seriously thought she was Chunglim for a second… or Junjin when he had long hair. And I don’t know if my eyes are deceiving me, but do I see a five o’clock shadow and an adam’s apple?!


Seongyeon (Luna):

Hot. She looks like Yoobin during the Tell Me days.


Along with the pictures, it is now known that f(x) will debut this September with their single LACHATA. And the ‘x’ in ‘f(x)’ is like a variable, where if the ‘x’ changes, the result will be different. Which correlates to the members diverse skills and backgrounds, which will allow them to not only flourish in Korea, but by changing their x-factor or variable, they will also succeed overseas – as that is the plan.

In addition, the ‘f’ stands for ‘flower’, and the ‘x’ stands for the female chromosome ‘xx’. And like a flower, they will blossom and become hot icons to represent Asia as the top “Asian Pop Dance Group.”


I’ve been holding out on asking this question cuz I thought I’d do some digging myself, but I’ve become lazy… so what the heck does “Lachata” mean? I’d ask my Hispanic friends, but they’d 1) ask me why I care 2) ask me if I just made up some crazy word.

Anyway, so besides Krystal, I didn’t notice anyone else until I rewatched the video a third time. I finally noticed who the “tomboyish” girl that everyone was talking about and my friend laughed at me for being so late. I knew there was gonna be a tomboyish girl (hell, I did write you guys the article) but I was so not paying attention to the teaser I guess. At first, I didn’t like Seolri’s hair and it distracted me from her face… but I noticed she was the only one that smiled so I thought that was very cute of her. Seongyeon/Luna is HOT; people are saying she looks a little like BoA… and I somewhat see that in the teaser. I think she’s the one that does the slow-mo flip in the beginning (while Manber shows off her muscles) so I’m pretty sure they’re deeming her the dancer already.

Krystal, do small waists and round hips run in the family?

Anyway, here’s a picture of Krystal actually looking like Jessica and not like YoonYul!

Credit: Tama Mama @JPHIP