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HO SHIZ yo, the moment all us Jessbians have been waiting for…

>>Jessica‘s (new and mini) army<< has arrived.

I haven’t watched it myself because I’m on the phone… but… I CAN NOT WAIT TO DO SO WHEN I GET THIS CREEPER OFF! I’m so behind on the blog (btw JEyon I’ll reply to our epic KARA stuff later) and other Kpop news but I must post this.

Yeah, so you can bet that I’ll be whoring constantly posting about these girls.

It’s so ironic because I was just telling one of my Kpop “colleagues” today that SM Entertainment should have released a new group around this time of year, to be more specific, a girl group. I also said something like maybe it won’t happen because of the DBSK v. SM Ent. drama going on as of late… I guess not! I’m happy to see that my predictions were all correct from the start and that maybe SM and the “Five Gods of the East” might be resolving their differences and it won’t get in the way of other SM Ent. projects.

Okay, forgive me at how random all the above may seem. I should be off to bed… first day of school tomorrow and all…

Edit: okay, I finally got off the phone… OMG. I think lil Jung is the one with all her hair down, and is in the center when the dance finishes……. Oh man, I am so going to jail.

P.S. This is probably the only time I’d be so excited about anything related to math. EFF OF EX!