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Remember the awesome SNSD artworks by Eden? As you might have noticed, the earlier post is missing Eden’s drawings of Yuri, Hyoyeon, and Sooyoung; and I promised I’ll post the remaining three pictures if I found them… So here they are!


^Sooyoung always get the weapons, doesn’t she?


^ The background is so amazing~! However, I think Yuri legs are a bit too long, but who am I to complaint though?


^Hyoyeon’s thighs! Hyoyeon’s thighs! Hyoyeon’s thighs! ^o^

cr: sosiz



Here some more fan-arts I found.

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But the thing is I forgot where I took them from. :X

I don’t know who to credit… so if you made these or know who made these, please do tell!

Oh by the way, you can click all the images for the original size.