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Boring Title, Smexy Contents!

First we have omzg SNSD SORRY SORRY PERF!!! Three Words: Black and White. Two words: Too Short! One word: HOT! Our girls were so awesome and did the dance so well! That ending pose with Sica? Well, I bet all the boys lost their minds! This is definitely one of the best summer specials I’ve seen yet! Watching it a second time, it seems like Sica wasn’t dancing as hard as the other girls? I’m not sure but she stood out since she didn’t extend backwards as much as the others. Seo Soo and Hyo are soo gangster, and double wow for Sunny! Hehe for once Fany had the most gangster outfit.. and for a sec I thought she had gotten cornrows O_O.. but nope, phew!

(Credits: Prot0980 @ Youtube)

Keep posted as I will be updating! .. sigh still waiting for some HD links for our snsd fans! Mk, no HD cuts for now I guess!

Here’s SNSD’s Genie perf. Is it me or our girls seem re-energized again? Pretty pleased with this performance! And wow, YoonA’s black hair does make a difference. Black hair looks wayyy better on her. The backdrop for our girls this week is a bit of a let down… last week was a great big ship and now its just some dull cutouts? Blah!

(Credit: rebt0 @ youtube)

Lastly, YulTi cuts! God,both girls are absolutely gorgeous today. We get some cute “goodbyes” to Shinee and Fany pushes Yuri aways and hogs the cam to present T-ara, cute! (And that move by fany was a JOKE and SCRIPTED, so chillax anti’s, thanks).

(Credits: Prot0980 @ youtube)