EDIT: added a hilarious jess moment at the bottom

credits; codemonmonseason3,prot0980

First off, for those wondering if SNSD won, no they did not, 2NE1 did. (: 


So the girls wore red, which I found very suitable on all of them..Tiff dropped the cutie image for today and went back to sexy with her extensions. I think I prefer either these extensions or the ITNW boy style short hair, both great eye candy (: I found it adorable with Yul joined Tiff in the “Tell me what you need..etc” Is it just me, but Tiff sounds a tad different whenever she does this line, lil more deeper in the voice but then again ,it might be because of the out of breath issue. 

And heres the special stage Summer Dance Special with 4Minute, 2PM ( hehe <3), and SNSD.

Before I go on bout snsd..let me just say, Taec looks so cute. ❤ Sigh.
Moving on to the girls, the music itself made the performance adorable but the outfits brought out the hotter side of things.

I think its safe to say, the performances at Inkigayo today were fantastic. :]

2NE1 win cut, but look at Jess and then some Kara Generation

30 seconds…Jess and that doll LOL. So Cute and then she returns it to 4Minute. And near the end you can see Nicole running over to Maknae <33 awwww