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On August 1, 1989, a shining little mushroom came into the world. Yep, today in Korea, Hwang Mi Young leaves her teenage years behind and hits the big 20 (well 21 in Korea). One year sure flies by fast now doesn’t it?

Maria will be doing the “comedic” sense of the post while I’ll do the more normal, fan message lol. 🙂

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Whenever Tiffany’s birthday is brought up on either tv shows or news segments, she likes to refer to her birthday not only as her own but also SNSD’s (since the group’s debut anniversary follows four days later). Personally I believe that shows this girl isn’t just all about herself, she wants to tie her members into every aspect she can. She even refers to them as her special 8 siblings. Sure it’s important to get along with your group members, but Tiff seems to take it to another level. Not only getting along with them but she also developed a bond with every member, giving care and love to each adn every one. This girl might look all cheerful and bright and bubbly on the outside, who seems physically weak, but on the inside, she’s probably one of the most mature and mentally tough ones. On the recent filming of KJE’s Chocolate, you all know that the girls discussed their moms. Tiffany raised her hand and also talked about her own mom that passed away a few years ago. The PDs had wanted to edit that segment out, but Tiff told them no, please air it. Takes a lot of courage and bravery to raise your arm and speak about such a sensitive topic. Props to the mushroom ❤ Some might say she’s trying to garner attention and use her mom as a way to gain sympathy, but I’d like to disagree. There were so many times on radio shows where the members talked about their mothers but Tiff had never brought up her passed away mom. She only said she missed her and what not, but never mentioned her being gone.

Enough with the sad bits, let’s move on to the more happier parts we remember about this ‘shroom 🙂

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This girl has been my number one since..I first came across from them so listing out my most favorite memories of this girl would take ages but off the top of my head:
1. bug rap
2. Yuriah! You’re my hero
3. All those english usage times
4. this dance
5. when she explained why she became a mushroom instead of the jewel
6. LOl <33
7. T!
8. getting freaked out on PKL’s Wonderful Outing Horror Episode

There’s way too many more moments and I want to get this post out there asap. I’ll edit if I find anything else Mushroomy 🙂

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TIFFANY! Tear it up with the girls and have fun celebrating! ;]

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So if anyone has any interesting/funny/memorable Tiff moments, share it with us in a comment!