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LOL I don’t know why I just did that. But that was the first comment on this video. I don’t normally read comments… but it was just right there for me to see XD.

Anyway, Jessica performed Naeng Myun with Park Myung Soo at 2PM Date Radio. …I didn’t know my boys had a radio show! Wtf…

Some info:  Naeng Myun beat Tell Me Your Wish, Genie.
…Don… did you have something to do with this again?

HA, judging from Park Myung Soo’s ‘enthusiasm’, looks like he’s back to his regular self again. Yay 🙂 But wow, I can’t believe I watched this whole thing. It’s been days since I’ve watched a full video of anything SNSD (been so freaking busy). I blame this on Don Jess.<3

Fun Fact: This is >>the most Jessica’s ever said<< since her interview! I swear, I say that with each video Jess has LOL.

It’s so late at night (well I’m scheduling this to push live in 11 hours so it won’t be “late” by then)… D: Can’t wait till I can start going out again.

Credit: Prot0908 @YT