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LOL! I’m in the middle of watching it right now… But there is a very smart man at the end (I pretty much feel like a failure for not remembering his name) sayinng that the three best groups of 2007 need to come together and form a group, therefore eliminating favoritism. HMM, or maybe eliminating confusing male minds. Whatever.

I LOL at Jessica‘s “No, Bye”. JessiFail<3 She takes forever XD Worse than her Waif.

Gosh, I just love Nicole❤ Kyah, Sunny copying 2PM’s Taecyeon❤ They made such a good couple.

LOL @ TaeYeon just showing her >>love for poop<< again. HAHA Tiffany thought it was Moon Hee Jun. I’m happy she knows him cuz he’s of the awesome. Seems like Tiff is always so confident and gets it wrong…

Can we have a Nicole+Jessica+Tiffany show please? Kthnxbai.

Credit: SweetMelodix @YT