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According to the >>The Latest on the REAL SNSD<< by Maria, SNSD was filming either a CF or a MV for Etude. Well no more guessing! It’s a CF!

Before I begin the real info of the post (including goody-bag photo), I’ll start with a fancam I found but was too lazy to post up earlier. (The video is kind of creepy, because a very pissed off mr. cookieman(?) walks over and then the filming stopped… what a brave fan!).

(Credits: Zippomaru1 @ youtube)

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The second TV CF of the Incheon World City Festival which features SNSD as its sponsor [I think the girls are its host or ambassador, not ‘sponsor’ sponsor -Soofany] will be aired on August 7th, along with its opening performances.

On the 22nd, the festival organization committee said that SNSD has been filming from 5 in the morning until midnight on August 21st, at the World City Festival’s main performance centers such as the Teddy Bear Hall, World Culture street, a themed movie theater, a music fountain, etc.

The festival organization committee revealed that “the production of the second CF was filmed at the festival’s main performance center locations, which was different from the first TV CF” and “because of SNSD’s lively image, you think that you’ll have lots of fun if you go to the World City Festival.”

Source: http://www.sosiz.net/info_data/4678428
Written by: Kim Jaekyung
Translation: soshi00@soshified.com

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Odd comment: I always thought something was weird from their first perf in those dresses, why are only 3 girls in light emerald green while 6 in pink? Or am I colour blind and 3 of those dresses are actually white/light purple?

But anyways, from the looks of the fancam, I think I’m going to like this CF better. No offense, but the first CF was very short (15secs) and very dull due to the background. Ahhh I can’t wait to see this CF! Wait.. -rereads article- AUGUST 7th!? Thats AGES away, sigh!

So just to keep us peppered up, here’s the old Incheon CF if you haven’t seen it yet:

(VidCredits: yuriyuri1111)