Yes, the members in Girls Generation are indeed prankster.  For Seohyun’s Birthday, the girls decided to trick and surprise Seohyun, and make it seemed like they are mad at each other and so on.    If you haven’t been watching Hello Baby because there were no subs, then i found something to help you guys out with! haha Like Maria said, soshisubs are having a bit of a dry season, so I found some clips that already been subbed by other people.  If you really want to wait for all the subs for Hello Baby and watch it in order, then you shouldn’t watch this.  BUT if you don’t care and want to see some SNSD skit/pranking thing, you should watch this!
Part 1:

Part 2:

credit: CatchCatCast@youtube

ahha, i seriously love when seohyun walks out of the room, the girls couldnt help but laugh but when she comes back, they have to put on a straight face again x] haha i seriously cant wait to watch the full episodes but for now, this will work =]