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I know a few months back, I showed you SNSD’s latest polaroids… but here are more pictures! These are of on-the-set of >>CeCi Magazine<< and they’re pretty cute and so super girl. 🙂

Oh, and if you want High Quality/bigger resolutions of the pictures above, visit >>post reply #583<< at JPHIP. Like always, let the page load complately and it’ll take you to that specific post.

Okay, >>lemme show you somethin! Girls, you ready? Let’s go!<< …wow, seriously Maria?

The amount of TaeSun and YoSooRi (Yoonyul/SooRi) >>makes my juices frow<<.





Am I the only one laughing about SooYoung and Tiffany’s polaroid in the last picture? It’s funny how the girl who loves to drink the most (or wants to) and the girl who is always joked around for having the most liqour title their picture as “Party Girl”.

…Jess, you little lazy. Your polaroids are so simple<3

Credit: Tama @JPHIP